10 February 2010

Wishcasting -- Where do you wish to travel?

Wow, this is my first Wishcasting in forever. I'm such a slacker! But this week's really speaks to me, so I shall do it! (And hopefully remember to do next weeks and the week after, as well)

Jamie asks this week, Where do you wish to travel?

And to be honest, there are so many places I want to travel, that I should really name off places I have no wish to be: anywhere in New England, California, Hawaii, or Texas. Anywhere else is fair game, I think.

But, where I'd really like to travel:

to Stonehenge. Even before I learned I was a Witch, I wanted to go to Stonehenge. Now, I have even more reason to visit.

to South Dakota. This is where my mom's family comes from. Part of her family, anyway. All of her cousins 'n such are there. She always talks about going back, and I guess that has bled off onto me a bit, since I now want to go, too!

to a place I'm not sure exists. In the post where I accepted the Kreativ blogger award, I said I had an out of body experience. In this, I traveled to a little cove on the sea, that was surrounded by tall cliffs and had a rocky beach which faded into a tropical forest. It is a stunning landscape. And it is a place I would love to go back to, whether physically or astrally.


  1. This is where i want to travel too! The feeling must be amazing!

  2. South Dakota has some beautiful and interesting places to visit, you should go there sometime. Stonehenge is interesting. Check out the newest info on the place at National Geographics website. They are discovering more all the time. Have had a few specails on tv recently. X.


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