24 January 2010

Priapic wands and ... orbs?

Lots of pictures today, so my apologies in advance for those of you who might have slower connections.

Yesterday Camden and I made our priapic wands. Rather, I let him pick out the ribbons and beads, and I made them. If only he knew how to tie knots! And thanks to this, I have no pictures of the process. :(

But I did get pictures of the finished wands on my alter, posing with my Goddess-figure statue. This is the best:

Cam's been playing with his quite a bit. I hope that by the time Imbolc gets here, he'll still be willing to use it.

As for the orbs... I finally got the pictures onto my computer from x-mas and New Year's. In the pictures from New Year's, there is an orb floating around. I'm about 80% certain it's not just a speck on the lens, because it's not there in later pictures taken just a few minutes later.

Here, the orb is hanging out just under Cam's left hand.

In this picture, it's a bit more difficult to see. Find his left elbow, and go almost directly right. It's at the edge of the picture, just hanging out.

And this one is so easy to see, I'm not even going to mention it. :D


  1. I LOVE when orbs show up in pictures. We had over 20 in a picture taken after we had performed ritual once.

  2. he is so cute... My middle son when he was that age, always had orbs in his photos.. and there are some where it actually looks like he is glowing... I love those pictures.... I love when the orbs come out... they are always there... as we are never alone...

  3. I've never had orbs show up in my pictures before. I wonder why it decided to pay us a visit then.. hrm...


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