02 February 2010


First of all, happy Imbolc! Second of all, I was utterly surprised to hear that the groundhog had predicted six more weeks of winter! I know it's just a silly tradition, but it was one I looked forward to every year as a child. Since high school, though, I'd pretty much forgotten about it, except for that wonderful movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray.

But seriously, though, all of my signs have been practically screaming at me that Spring is very much on its way. Camden's sun on Sunday (hah!) Yesterday I saw a flock of geese flying north (in a one sided V.) Today, the salad green plants I planted on Sunday sprouted. Hence my surprise when the furry rodent forecast 6 weeks of winter!

On Facebook, where I was lamenting this fact in my status (along with wishing everyone a happy Imbolc/Groundhog Day/Candlemas), my oldest brother said that some cultures kill and eat the groundhogs that predict the continuation of Winter. My high school percussion instructor suggested sammiches. So, groundhog sammich, anyone?

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  1. I've heard they are tasty critters, I'll take one. X.


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