18 February 2011

Holey Stones

This post has been a long time coming. I've had it in my head to do a post over holey stones since last summer (and silly me, I kept putting it off).

Last summer, I was finding holey stones left and right. I found one holey stone when I was in high school, and though I looked and looked, I never found another. Finally, last year I found another. And another. And another. I think I have around 20 or so now, strewn about my house and car.

Holey stones, also known as men-an-tol, an-cloc consanta (drilled stones), crick stones, fairy stones, hag stones, and Odin stones, are stones that naturally have a hole in them, from water and dirt or sand and the passage of time. They are most easily found near water (streams, lakes, or the sea) with rocky shores, or in places that have used creek rocks as landscaping (I've found at least three holey pebbles at the park). Like other magical stones and crystals, holey stones should be cleansed and charged in the usual way (soaking in salt water, then charging in moonlight is what I do.)

I mostly use my holey stones for their protective properties. One (my first ever holey stone, actually) hangs from my rear view mirror in my car. I've used one (or maybe more?) in a charm for protecting my home. One goes to bed with Camden every night to protect him from nightmares, and several watch over me as I sleep at night, also.

These stones also have healing properties. For healing purposes, one should carry the stone with them, or wear it. Last summer I was having issues with kidney stones, so I wore one of my holey stones on a string tied around my neck. One can also run a bath, place the stone in the bath, then get in and soak. (Be sure to either use this holey stone strictly for healing purposes, or cleanse it before using for another purpose.)

Finally, holey stones also aide with psychic sight. If at the sea shore, if one looks through the hole, one will see the sea spirits playing on the tide. Or, if one looks through the hole in the light of the full moon, one will see the land of the fae, or one might see spirits or visions.


  1. I've seen a few of these before. It seems they would be a specail gift for a friend. Especailly if you attached a discription explaining there use. X.

  2. wow you are truly bless with holey stones :) i look and look but never to find....... im sure they turn up when the time is right.

  3. oh this is so nice, my mother has one, a small one and she has a photo wearing it around her neck, i didnt know why, i thought it was stupid, but now maybe i know :)


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