03 February 2010

Run in with Monsters

For the past couple of weeks (months, even?), Camden has been afraid of going into dark rooms because of "monsters." Lately, it's gotten so bad that he won't go into the bathroom by himself if the light is off. This is even though the bathroom door opens right into the living room and there is generally enough light to see by.

Tonight, I left him playing in the living room while I took a shower. About two minutes later, as I'm shampooing my hair, he runs into the bathroom and starts complaining about monsters in the kitchen (where I had turned off the light.) So, yeah. I'd had enough of that! It was time to talk to these monsters and tell them what's what!

I got dressed, and we went into the living room and sat down in the entryway into the kitchen. He seemed genuinely upset, so I grabbed up his wand and put it in the doorway, telling him that the monsters cannot cross over the wand, and we'll be okay. After that, I facilitated the conversation between him and the two monsters (which are brown!) I had him tell the monsters they were scaring him. Then I had him ask if they wanted to be his friends and play with him or watch over him as he slept. Finally, I had him ask them if they would stop scaring him. They told him they are friendly, and want to watch over him while he slept, but they did not agree to stop scaring him.

When he lay down for bed, he said the monsters were going to watch over him. "Monsters watch me!" How cute! But now I wonder, is this his imagination, or are there truly two (invisible to me) beings hanging out in my apartment? Who can say, except them, and they're only talking to Camden, apparently. For now, though, I hope they hold off on scaring him every time he has to go pee.


  1. They say that children have the gift and that those imaginary playmates or whatever are really not so imaginary. Children have the ability to see into other realms, realms that we were once able to see when we were children.

  2. ~imaginary or invisible...allow him to be...as long as no harm is being done! you handled the situation most carefully and taught your son a beautiful lesson...speak up and use his words...something he will take with him in the years to come...my oldest never did come across others in the house but our littles seems to be graced with a new friend every couple days or so...we drew the line and asked one to leave as he kept telling our littlest to do naughty things...we asks that if he could play nice then he would have to leave...my littlest repsected the choice of the friend and so far all our visitors have been quite pleasant...the beauty of a little one...nothing quite like it...brightest blessings and "good luck"~

  3. If they are scaring him and they do not agree to stop scaring him, harmless intent or otherwise becomes beside the point. Either they abide the rules of your house or they should be asked to leave. I love the way you have approached this situation so far, you validated Camden's concerns and you addressed the energies in a way that was to work towards a resolution. That said, protection seems to be a must here and considering a cleansing of your space may be prudent. Blessed be.

  4. Camden is fortunate to have you as his mom. Sounds like you handled the situation better than most. X.

  5. Wendy, thank you for your concern. If they continue to scare him, then we will ask them to stop or leave, but so far he seems quite taken with them. He even took them to daycare today!


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