20 February 2010

Snow Day Adventures

While not technically a "snow day," there is snow on the ground and it was daytime. Close enough for me.

I decided earlier this week I wanted to take Cam sledding. But to do that, we had to buy a sled! Who would have thought it would be that difficult? We checked in at least six different stores before finding what is probably the last stash of sleds in NEMO at the hardware store. We bought a saucer-type sled, which was a new experience for me, as I've only ever used toboggan-type sleds or the ones with runners.

At the sledding hill (as there's only one hill in the area; luckily for us it's on public property!) we joined another family who was out sledding. Funny story and small world story: the oldest son of the other family was named Camden. I was shocked! It's not really one of those names you expect to find multiples of.

I hadn't been sledding for years upon years. Maybe seven years? I'd forgotten what fun it can be! Even with the snow sneaking up the back of my coat and into my not-so-water/snowproof boots. We even built a snowman! Which was kicked over about 5 minutes later by a little girl.

Perhaps the best part is that Camden's monster friends came with us. They've been gone since a few days after the post I made about them, but they showed up this morning (plus one, so now there are three) before we went grocery shopping/sled hunting. He put them in my purse to keep them safe during the grocery shopping, although they escaped in the middle of Walmart and Cam had to run about trying to catch them! While sledding, he held them in his hands, except the first time he went by himself, when they sat on the sled with him. And then I sat on them. :( Oops! I think they were okay, though.

I failed to get pictures, which makes me pretty sad. But we'll be going back tomorrow if the weather stays good, so hopefully I'll be able to get some pictures then.

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  1. I think we're due for some more snow today. Sounds like you and Camden had some fun. When I lived in Hermitage, everyone would go out to Pomme de Terre Dam. The access road going down below the dam was the sled path. You could go for almost a 1/4 mile before you stopped. Then it was a long walk back to the top, but lots of fun. Some days there were more adults than kids. Enjoy your day. X.


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