22 February 2010

Real snow day!

Today, I had a real snow day. As I told my dad, "Cam was snowed out, and I'm snowed in." Cam's daycare cancelled thanks to our almost-blizzard yesterday/last night. I had planned on taking him to classes with me today, until I saw my car surrounded by two feet of snow! Even after attempting to dig it out, he (my car) was in no mood to go anywhere. Luckily, we managed to escape this afternoon once it warmed up and I was willing to dig out snow and ice from underneath the car.

While I didn't get to have any adventures today, I did have some exciting stuff happen! Such as: this morning as I was trying to shovel snow away from my car I hear someone yell "Smile, you're on being filmed!" So I jerk upright, look around, only to see someone with a fancy camera pointed at me. I'm assuming it was someone from the newspaper out taking photos of the blizzard-ravaged town and not just some creeper.

Since we were snowed in anyway, I took advantage of the situation to continue my cleaning. Did two loads of laundry. Would have done more (I have about 1.5 loads left) but I have only so much space for hanging it up to dry. I also cleaned the living room (again) and swept the kitchen and bathroom floors. And I planted some lavender and bell pepper seeds. Hopefully they will grow.

I also got books in the mail today, which is always exciting. One is a CLEP study book so I don't have to take boring science classes and the other is Wicca: A Year and a Day by Timothy Roderick. Now, as you know, I'm not Wiccan. But I am a mish-mash of different paths, Wicca among them. And besides, this will give me a bit of spirituality every day for a year and a day. Maybe I'll end up Wiccan at the end of it. (Probably not.)

I decided I want to start a book of shadows. I have one on my computer: it's a folder called "Paganity" and contains all the general shadowy stuff witches are supposed to have. But I'd like one where I can flip through the pages, and put in more than just words. Dried flowers, herbs, photographs, drawings. Something more than just a bunch of .txt files.

And last, but not least, I found and returned a lost cat! I heard it meowing out in the hall, so I stuck my head out, thinking maybe someone let their cat come along to do laundry with them. But, no, it was standing outside a door meowing with no humans in sight! I knocked on the door it was meowing at, but they don't have a cat. After some hemhawing, I carried it upstairs and tell it to go home. And, very cat-like, it just stared at me and meowed. So, I headed back downstairs, planning on just abandoning it (it was safely indoors; someone would have found it eventually) and met a lady on her way up... I decided to take a chance.

"Do you happen to have a cat?"

Funny look. "Yes"

"Uhm. Is it orange?"

Pause. Another funny look. "Yes."

"Oh, I think it escaped. I just dropped it off upstairs."

Confused expression. "Oh no!" Dashing upstairs. I hear her ask the cat "What are you doing out here!?"

While living in an apartment building is mostly unfun (what with loud neighbours and stairs and all that nonsense) sometimes it can be really amusing.


  1. You must live north of me. We only had 6-8 inches of snow. I lived in an apartment right after coming home from the service. Not an ideal situation but it can be if you have good neighbors. It helps build character ;^)>

  2. I have the same Timothy Roderick book. I liked it but had a hard time doing some of the things it required because of budget restraints. But overall it was a good book to use as a reference.

    And about the kitty, I probably would have taken it in. I am sucker for a stray.



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