21 February 2010

a clean home is a happy home

I have been pretty bummed out lately. Not sure if it's just seasonal depression setting in because I want so badly for it to be Spring/Summer or if I'm just so stressed out by school and life in general. However, this weekend was a turning point for me, I think. I'm not feeling nearly as "woe-is-me," which I think I can credit to a few different sources...

The first is that Cam and I went sledding. Physical activity in winter? What?! Who ever heard of such a thing?! Well, I have to say, that it was fantastic. As a kid I spent almost as much time out-of-doors in the Winter as I did in the warmer months. My brothers and sisters and I would go sledding or play tracking games. Often, I would go adventuring by myself just for the novelty of seeing the woods that I knew so well in a new light, under a blanket of snow. This winter, however, my time spent outside has been limited to running from my car to a building or running from one building to another. I'm glad I finally got the chance to enjoy the winter; I'm glad I finally took the chance to enjoy the winter. And now, while everyone else is cursing this new six(or so) inches of snow, I'm thinking only of the fun Cam and I will have sledding next weekend.

The second is that I cleaned my house Friday afternoon/night and Saturday. Living room, kitchen, and I even ventured into the bedroom a bit. The only room I haven't touched is the bathroom because A)I didn't want to do laundry and B) it's a lost cause, especially if I'm refusing to do laundry. In the living room, I put away the toys, vacuumed, and folded/put away about 5 blankets that Cam's dragged out at some point or another. In the kitchen, I cleaned out the fridge, did dishes, swept/scrubbed the floor, and scrubbed the table. I also rotated the table to make getting to my plants in the window(salads and catnip) a bit easier. And in the bedroom, I had the fun task of figuring out which clothes strewn across the floor were clean and which were dirty. I love how having a clean(er) house can make me feel. I really don't realise how much the clutter and mess can impact my psyche until it's gone. But for now, the apartment is clean.

In a perfect world, I would be a kitchen witch, working magic as I clean... But in this not-so-perfect world I have issues memorizing the words to chants and creating/sticking to simple daily rituals of thanks-giving and praise to the gods. Which brings me to something I found that I'd like to share: A Witch's Ball. It's something I hadn't seen or heard of before, but I like the idea and may have to try it... one of these days.

A Witch's Ball is usually a clear or coloured glass sphere which is hung in the window to ward off evil spirits/negative energy. Or, conversely, it attracts the evil spirits with its pretty colours and traps them. These are hung in the windows, as I've stated, or they can be hung from the ceiling or placed on top of a vase. Traditionally, Witch's Balls are blue or green and made from glass, but can also be made from wood, grass, or twigs.

Another take on the Witch's Ball I found was to fill the ball with magically charged herbs. The suggested balls for this are clear tree ornaments, which are fairly easy to put stuff into. One could also paint the ornaments with corresponding colours and the like. Mayhaps this will be a fun project for Cam and me once we have herbs growing.


  1. I have a Witch's Ball that looks exactly like that one. I haven't hung it in my new house yet, but when I had it in my old house I put it over a window in the back of the house to protect my home, self and family from negative low vibrational entities from entering from the backdoor. Yeah, being a witch is fucking cool : )


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