19 February 2010

New year's follow-up

It's been a month and a half since New Year's. Most people have probably forgotten their resolutions by this point. Honestly, I think I had also! I'm glad I have the post where I wrote them out to remind me!

The first, being more patient with Camden, sometimes happens and sometimes it doesn't. This is probably one of the few things I feel guilty about in my life, that there are times that I just cannot be calm in the face of his carrying on about one thing or another. I realise this is something that takes more than six weeks to overcome, and also that it's more than my frustration with him. It's my frustration with him on top of my other stresses and frustrations of life, and he just happens to be the one there to hear about it. :( Mayhaps I should start exercising... Let that frustration bleed out in my sweat.

The second, "being a better Pagan," is also one that sometimes happens and sometimes does not. I again feel that connection with the earth, and the cycles it undergoes, that connection with the Goddess and God, perhaps more than I ever have. I did not miss Imbolc, which was a normal occurrence for the past several years, so I am counting that as a positive fulfillment of my resolution! Also, I don't feel as though I take Paganism quite so lightly as I once did, though this is probably most likely due to my adventures last year. (I wonder, if I had started Witch at Church sooner than I did, like in April or May, if I would have abandoned Christianity that much sooner? Or perhaps I would have stuck with it. Who knows?) I don't think I ever took it lightly, but I think that I am now much more solidly rooted in this faith and belief system.

My blog, I think, is definitely a success story, although most of the time I am saying to myself, what am I going to write?! One Witch's Story is my outlet and is also part of the success of my "better Pagan" goal, because I have to be living as a pagan to be able to write about it!

I'd like to take a moment to thank my followers (and regular readers who aren't followers). I cannot express with words the gratitude I feel every time I see a new name on my list. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read my words and to (sometimes) respond.

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