13 February 2010

Obligatory post on love

But first, my stance on Valentine's Day in general. I think it's ridiculous! Birthdays, Mother's and Father's Days, Just-because Days. These and those like them are the days when we can show how much we care about those we love. And I find "Singles Awareness Day" even more ridiculous. Not just ridiculous, but demeaning. Is the person who is, for whatever reason, single, so inept and downtrodden that they need an usurped "holiday" to draw attention to their "plight?" (Goodness, I'm really using a lot of dictionary-words today, aren't I?) And of course, Valentine's Day, like all secularized holidays, has been so trivialized (right down to the Twilight hearts that say "Bite me") that even if there was a purpose to it at some point in time, it has been all but forgotten now. Now, on to the show. :)

What I love:

-My family
-Books that make me cry (and, oh, how I hate them, also!)
-Good food
-Flower gardens
-Long walks in the woods
-Forgetting that I'm a "grown up" and being goofy with Camden... in public
-Camping next to a river, and the mornings when it is somewhat chilly and you can watch the river steam and hear the fish jump
-Marathon reading sessions, especially when it is a new book in a series
-Cooking for friends and sharing the meal with them
-Climbing trees
-Playing the marimba, making it sing
-Old cemeteries where the history of the people buried there can only be guessed
-Watching Camden sleep
-Looking down on the soaring hawks
-Thrift stores/charity shops, antique malls, flea markets, and garage/yard sales. aka: pawing through other people's stuff! lol
-Fountain Dew (Mountain Dew as a fountain drink.)

I'm sure there are elsewhats, but those are what come to mind at the moment. Just reading this list makes me melt on the inside. So now that my insides are an ooey-gooey mess, I think I'll just end here.

Happy V-Day!

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