01 April 2014

lady bird, lady bird, fly away home

We're moving! Again! Ugh!

Luckily, we won't be moving far.  We're sticking to COMO, but we're moving to a bigger and better place.  Our current rental is.. well, it's abysmal.  We've had no end to the troubles here, so we are happily moving out, even if moving is a major pain in the neck!

We have two places to choose from.  The first one we found was your standard duplex rental-- no personality, tiny boring yard, and, worst of all, tiny kitchen.  We loved it when we saw it, because it seemed like it would work... But then a friend said she had a friend looking to rent out her house.  I was pretty ambivalent, because we had found a place already. It was perfect! Or so I thought.

We decided to look at the house, which was admittedly closer to where we want to be. We talked to the owner, who is wanting to give up living in a house and live in an RV for a while.  This house... It's amazing.  The downstairs/basement has a living area, a bedroom, and a bath, which our new roommate would claim for his.  The upstairs/main level has the shared space of kitchen and dining room, along with a living area, bathroom, and three bedrooms, which would become our space.  The back yard is wooded and slopes down to a little creek.  We'd be a five minute walk from a slightly larger creek for swimming and rock collecting. We'd be within walking distance of the UU Church AND some tennis courts.  This house makes me drool.  A lot.  I can clearly see in my mind's eye Camden having so much fun in the back yard.  Hell, I can see ME having so much fun in the back yard.  It would be so nice to live near a natural area again.

So, I don't know if I have many readers left.  It's been a while, and I'm slow coming back, I know.  But those of you who are still reading, please, please, please keep your fingers crossed that we can get this house.
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