01 April 2010


It's always a good feeling to know that some people accept both me and my beliefs fully, without reservation. My parents, while they love me, are somewhat reticent about my beliefs. I remember last year when I told my mom I was thinking of converting to Christianity, joy entered her voice and she said "I'm proud of you." Perhaps that was when I experienced my first hesitation. Well, I had made the decision that I was converting, but hearing her say that and how she said it was an absolutely horrifying and eye-opening experience. Forget that she amended: "I mean, I was proud of you before." What does it mean when I'm loved more if I follow one path, than if I follow another? When I told her that the Christian path was not working for me, that I was "going back" to being a Pagan, she told me to think about it. Take some time. ... Thanks mom.

I understand that she just doesn't get it. And I'm thankful that she's come such a long way from the outright fear and hatred and loathing she expressed when I first became interested in Wicca. But it's still disappointing to see her eyes glaze over when I talk about the Ostara bunny or anything else related to my holidays. I try to forget that she thinks "witch" is an entirely suitable replacement for "bitch."

And then there's my sister, who Camden and I will be going to see this weekend. She decided she wanted to put together an Easter basket for him and sent me a text saying "The Ostara bunny is planning a trip to Auntie Red's." And all I could do was smile. While it's good to have people about who are willing to accept that I don't necessarily believe what they believe, it's a million times better to have people about who whole-heartedly embrace me and my beliefs, different or not.


  1. I think that sometimes it is family and close friends who have the hardest times accepting us when we change or become different than what they think we should be. Maybe its because of their closeness to us that they feel they too may have to change or compromise... Glad to hear your sister was so dear about it all... unconditional acceptance is a grand thing.... as for your mom... in her defense... she has come some way and I have learned that it is harder for older people to change... much like teaching an old dog new tricks... Have a very blessed weekend and enjoy your time with your sister...

  2. This is pretty difficult, to get through ignorance or unacceptance(even if it is not admited) by the people we love and love us. But i believe you are handling it great, being open and proud about your beliefs and practices.

  3. Try to accept your mother where she is at right now. Time,(that dirty four letter word) will hopefully take care of the rest. X.


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