10 April 2010

The search is on...

In my almost ten years as a witch, I've never had a permanent altar. From time to time, I would set up one on a rock outside or a wooden box if I was inside. This probably stemmed from living in a semi-hostile environment. But even after my family no longer treated me like a devil-worshipper, even after I moved out of my parents' house, I never set up a permanent altar.

But now that Camden is getting old enough to understand at least some of what is going on, I would like one. Last year I found a gorgeous faerie statue which has no face and is holding a cup/flower. (See this post to see a picture of it/my altar) I use her as my goddess-figure, and in the flower cup, I've put things to represent the elements: a shell, a cat whisker, a holey-stone, and a small feather. And I have my sun and moon candle holders, as you can see in the picture. However, I have no god-figure. I haven't really needed one, since all gods are one in the same. But, I may have to revise my beliefs (again.)

I've been hearing Cernunnos calling my name. And now I have this driving need to find a god-figure to represent him. I'm amazed at how hard this is proving! Well, it would be easier if I wasn't shopping on a budget. But unlike my goddess-figure, which I bought before I had a name/face for her, I know which god I want to represent. Which means I should probably get something in his image. Some random male statue just won't cut it. Today I saw a "jade" Buddha statue in the thrift store, and I was very excited over it, until I remembered that Buddha just won't cut it for my path. But that was the first non-angelic/little boy/Native American male statue I'd seen in a thrift store, so I'm guessing most of my excitement was over that.

So yes. I'm searching for a Cernunnos/Horned God statue for my altar. Wish me luck!

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