12 April 2010

Witness this!

Several months ago, a Jehovah's Witness came knocking on my door. And since I was (and am) trying to no longer be the intolerant person who slams the door in the face of such people, I let her talk to me. And I told her she could come back.

I think that may have been a mistake.

Every so often, she knocks on my door with a new pamphlet, new Bible verses to quote to me, and new friends to peek inside at my usually-not-so-clean apartment. (Last weekend she had her husband and son. Cam and I were watching A Bug's Life and I left it running while talking to her. Her son was standing there watching it; at one point his mouth had fallen open and he was just staring at it, entranced. Are Jehovah's Witnesses against talking animals? If they are, oops.) The last pamphlet (book, actually) she gave me was filled with what I would call complete nonsense. Now, I understand some people would say the same about my beliefs, but one of the so-called points in the book is that death is unnatural. Just thinking that makes me shudder.

As she and her husband and her son watching the movie stood outside my door, although by the end of it all, she had somehow ended up over my threshold, I told her that this (the Bible, Jehovah's Witness religion) just wasn't my cup of tea. So what does she do? She quotes the Bible at me. After I explicitly said I don't think the Bible is directly from god. I don't care if translations we have floating around today match translations from 1000 years ago. A book cannot be divine without usurping the place of Deity. But she told me that the more I read the Bible, the more I would come to realise that it truly is the word of god. I'm not entirely sure she realises I'm not a Christian.

What a road I've been on this last year, no? You, my readers, haven't been on it with me the entire time, but if you've read my first posts, you've seen my thoughts from this time last year. I was utterly convinced that Christianity was where my path lay. And, of course, I am now utterly convinced that my path lies anywhere but.

As an aside (and for something a bit more positive in this post!) I have been plotting. And you shall soon see the fruits of this plotting, and hopefully you will enjoy. :)


  1. Aren't they thick skinned?
    You would think that by now the Witnesses would have got the message...but no...they feel it their duty to pester everyone in their own home.

    One once told me that every non-Witness would be gone after the "Great Cleansing"...
    When I said "Isn't that what Hitler said?"...
    She was furious and said "Oh you're putting words in my mouth!"
    "No my dear"...I replied..."that is what Hitler, and now you, said...I believe the term is "Ethnic Cleansing"..."

  2. I don't have a problem with any religion as long as they a) don't hurt their "flock" i.e. underage marriage, rape and such. b) keep their religion to themselves and DON'T COME A KNOCKIN' ON MY DOOR and c) don't gather all their money together to make laws against equality (i.e. the mormans and gay marriage). I guess there are a lot of exceptions to my "likes" tee hee hee.

  3. Years ago I did something similiar to what your experience was like. Like you I did not want to seem closed minded and such... It was a learning expereince to say the least. Yet it helped to solidify my beliefs and my search for the truth. As it seemst to be doing for you.. Stay true to yourself Syndi... Your intuition will let you know exactly where you need to be...


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