05 April 2010

Cam-zilla! (And other Easter pics)

I found my camera! It was hiding under a bunch of stuff in the back seat of the car. So now I get to post pictures of the egg hunt and the surprise picture Camden left for me. :)

Cam and I before the egg "hunt." I wanted a picture with him, but he didn't. Luckily, there was a train off in the distances, which got him to turn around, if not look at the camera.

Helicopter with bunny.

Helicopter with bunny dropping Easter eggs on the heads of children in the field.

Camden after he's picked up all the eggs he could manage.

And, finally, SURPRISE! Cam-zilla! hehe I gave him the camera on the trip home (Aha! I just now figured out how it managed to travel from the front seat to the back. I'm so scatter-brained!) and this is one of the pictures he took. The other was of my elbow between the front seats. What a weird-o. :)

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  1. You are probably to young to remember the WKRP in Cincinati sitcom. When Les Nessman narated as the WKRP helicopter flew over a shopping maul throwing live turkeys out to the people in the parking lot. Tragic but funny. Seeing your photos reminded me of that famous episode. Hope no one got hurt in the egg drop. X.


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