30 March 2010

Morning at the Hospital

Today, Camden had his second set of ear tubes put in and his adenoids removed. We were at the hospital for four hours, although most of that time was spent waiting/recovering. My mom came up to help take care of him, and she's been a pretty big help, especially since he had to be out of daycare today and I have three rehearsals to be at. But he seems to have recovered. I say this because he's now running about, dancing, talking and playing like normal.

I realised that today is a full moon when we got to the hospital. And that made me think that today was a good day for this sort of thing. We fought with ear infections from Fall '07 to October '08 when he got his first set of tubes. And since then, he's been in speech trying to get his speech both caught up to other kids his age and also make it intelligible to people who aren't me. I'm really hoping this is the last surgery of the sort that he'll have to go through, that having the adenoids gone will enable the fluid to drain from his ears, keeping his hearing cleared and infections at bay.


  1. glad to hear it all went well... love the new look of your blog.. so fresh.... Enjoy the moon....

  2. Glad to hear he is doing ok. This should help with his ear problems. X.


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