06 April 2010

Good night

Tonight has reminded me why I love having Camden around, not that I really have much of a choice. Actually, today in general has been pretty good, for what I expected it to be. This morning I went into my Tuesday/Thursday classes, having missed ALL of last week, knowing I had two compositions due, but not having them finished. (Prof never emailed the specifics, and I couldn't find anyone else to tell me.) However, I talked to him, and although he has a history of being a bit of a (&(#(&$#, he gave me an extension. Huzzah!

And on to the praising of my lovely son! When we got home from my night rehearsal, he was content to play with his board games. Normally there's a rather large fight: he wants to watch a movie online, but I want to blog so I tell him no, etc. And tonight, I was actually trying to do something semi-productive (make a back-up copy of one of my movies), so I was NOT looking forward to the usual argument. But he went straight to his board games! We played two rounds of one, then he decided he wanted to play Chutes and Ladders (which I'd hidden away in my closet because he doesn't quite understand the rules), so we "played" it. It was more me explaining the consequences of certain actions (look, she cleaned her room, so she got to go to the movies) than actually playing. He finally decided that was too hard, so he put it away (!) and got out Candyland. He normally does pretty well with this one, since there's no counting involved, but tonight he just wanted to play with(and eat!) the gingerbread-men game pieces. He used the cards as beds and blankets, turned the board into a tent, and tried to convince me the game pieces taste good.

And after he finished with that, he played with his magna-doodle, drawing rainbows. I played with that with him for a while, drawing different animals/things and seeing if he could tell what they were. Not because I don't think he knows his animals/things, but I wanted to know if I was drawing them well enough to be recognized. lol

All in all, we had a very enjoyable evening, with no TV and no computer. We don't really have very many of those, so when we do, it's like... magic. :)


  1. That quality time is so important. Enjoy it. They grow so fast.

  2. they do grow so fast. enjoy every moment


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