21 April 2010


So, if you've read my last post, you know that I told one of my (Christian) relatives that it's not nice to ask God to kill people. And, ohmygoddess, has there been a lot of backlash. She responded by saying it was a joke. Then she set her status to say something along the lines of "why do people get mad at jokes? I thought it was funny, so I reposted," to which a lot of her friend responded. Saying that only Republicans have a sense of humor. That they thought it was funny too. That "only one person was upset over it, everyone else seemed to think it was funny. I did!" (Reminder: All I said was "You shouldn't ask God to kill people. It really isn't very nice.") And the one that really put me in a bad mood (my sister too, when she read it) was one fellow who said "If i'm not mistaken, the person who got upset about it is young, and in a few years she'll be laughing her ass off."

Excuse me? ...Excuse me? Either he's assuming that people who are liberals as young'ns suddenly become conservatives the moment they hit a certain age, or that even as a liberal, I'll come to hate Obama as much as they do. But, thinking back on it, the joke isn't funny for more than political reasons. Why would you ask the Divine to kill anyone, whoever they might be? Especially if you follow the teachings of Jesus, who says love your neighbor, turn the other cheek, and all that. At what point is it okay to go, "well, I've nothing against this man personally, I mean, he hasn't killed my babies or anything like that, he's just trying to do a really hard job and I don't like the way he's doing it, so, God, could you, uh, you know, step in and knock him off for me? Thanks." Oh, there isn't such a point? Okay, then.

Yesterday was not a good day for me. Not for any particular reason. But I couldn't focus and just felt really down in a way that I haven't for years. I think part of it might just have been all this negativity my wonderful family member managed to direct towards me with the help of her friends. I've felt it somewhat today, also, though not nearly as badly. So I've decided to avoid all her passive aggressive FB statuses by de-friending her, and hopefully she and her friends will forget about this episode and stop sending those negative vibes my way.


  1. I was thinking (before I read your writing) that you shoudl de-friend her. No need to be bombarded on a daily basis by numbskulls.

    Take a nice cleansing bath with salt and oils/herbs of your choice, then wear some Rose Quartz if you have it.


  2. Oh yeah, and I'm in my mid thirties and have still managed to escape the clutches of "older and wiser republican". I can't even say wise and republican in the same sentence without laughing ; )

  3. Oh deary me, not a funtime for you recently (virtual box of choc's heading your way).

    Sometimes friends and family dont think about the wider picture when craking jokes, one day hopefully they will realise why you were upset by this. In the meanwhile you seem to be taking the sensibleapproach with the de-friend thing and as inannasstar says head for the bathroom, always a good place to relax and forget for a while.

    bb, Jen

  4. In an earlier comment I mentioned that I was troubled by our present political mores. What you posted here is a good example. There is so much negative stuff being thrown about today, that many people have accepted it as being ok.
    There are many people who feel as you do Sydnii. Remember that, when dealing with your feelings about what your relative and thier friends said. X.

  5. Thanks for your support, dearest readers. I just think it's a sad state our society is in that we can joke about people dying (or make racist/sexist/gay bashing jokes) and it's okay. And to be honest, I'm really disappointed in these people for not stepping up and admitting that *just maybe* this isn't an appropriate subject to joke about (God killing someone, regardless of who it might be.) But yes, thank you for lending your kind ears (eyes?) and also for your advice/suggestions/words of encouragement. :)


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