28 April 2010

Toad Houses

This weekend is Beltane! The beginning of Summer. Okay, not technically, but the growing season has begun and the warmth and sunshine (and thunderstorms) that come with it. And with Summer and warmth and sunshine and thunderstorms come...


So to celebrate the oncoming toad-season, Camden and I will be making a toad house or two. My brother is going active duty in the military and is being transferred to a base in Tennessee (not deployed overseas, thank the gods) so Camden and I will be going to my parents' house to bid him farewell this weekend. Which means we'll actually have a place to put the toad house.

Fancy-schmancy toad houses
Less fancy, but still entirely serviceable

Cam and I will be making one (or two) of the less fancy varieties. They're pretty easy to make. Just decorate a simple terracotta however you will, then sink it into the ground an inch or two. It's also suggested that you sink a shallow dish, to hold water, into the ground so the edge of it is level with the ground. Or, one could make a door in said flower pot, then just set it down, bottom up.

I would like to do a May pole, but there are a few factors playing against me. Mainly that it's just the two of us, and I am almost 6ft tall and Camden is only half that. Although, now that I think about it, my brother's kids will be at the house at some point on Sunday... Maybe I'll attempt to fashion a kid's Maypole if the weather is nice enough to allow it.

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  1. Toads are neat kritters. They help around the yard and garden. Have a good Beltane weekend. X.


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