01 October 2009

Excitement (post recovery)

I feel somewhat bad that I'm not really posting new (to me) stuff, but I think it is important that you, my reader, know where I'm coming from. It's taken me six months to come to a comfortable combination of Christianity and Paganism, but I still find it amazing how quickly I was able to convert to Christianity, if not the "Christian" world-view. Yes, I think I was converting to help develop my relationship with Dan, but now I don't think that matters because I truly believe in Christianity--in my own way. I'm not sure if it's Christianity with a dash of Paganism or Paganism with a dash of Christianity, but either way, it is what it is.


I am as excited about Christianity today as I was about Wicca nine years ago. I've defined myself and my thinking as Pagan for so long now, that it is odd to find myself a Christian. I'm amazed I can accept Jesus into my heart, after denying Him and His teachings. But, his teachings are the same as what the Goddess taught me. I don't know that I can truly call myself a Christian, because I still believe the Christian God (my God!) is the same as the Goddess I've been following. He just knew he had to show me a different side of Himself, knowing I would come back. (Or maybe I'm just making things up... But that is how I feel)

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