25 October 2009

in the spirit

As Halloween/Samhain creeps closer and closer, I've been getting more and more excited. Mainly at the idea of taking my son trick-or-treating. This year he's going to be a firefighter--his idea, not mine. I wanted him to be a dragon. I got a dragon costume for free last year at a yard sale, so that's what he was last year, and since he still fit, I had hopes of him being one again. He had other ideas. So I found him a fire-fighter hat at a thrift store, and bought him a red rain coat (which is much too big, but I figure he'll grow into it, so it's a good buy!). Now he's throwing fits about not having "fire-fighter boots." I've tried telling him that tennis shoes or his bright blue rain boots will work just as well, but he's not falling for it. lol

Today, I decided to get more into the spirit. On a run to the grocery store for eggs and milk this morning, I couldn't help but stop at the Halloween candy display. Camden picked out a metal bucket with packages of hard-candy pumpkins in it, and I picked out a few bags of candy corn mix. The bucket, which has pictures of pumpkins and ghouls(maybe?) on it, and a glass jar filled with the candy corn went onto our fall harvest display in the kitchen. I ought to get a picture of it...

Along with the festive candy, I decided to try cooking with the little pumpkins we bought a while ago. So now I have eight mini-loaves and twelve cupcakes of chocolate chip spiced pumpkin bread to eat/give to friends, as well as toasted pumpkin seeds! I love pumpkins!

Now I just have to figure out what I'll be for trick-or-treating. So many options!

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