10 October 2009


Two years ago I knitted the alien illusion scarf found in Stitch'n'Bitch. It's been ridiculously cold the last week or so, so I've been wearing my alien scarf. A friend saw it and asked me to knit him one, too! But he doesn't want aliens. So instead, I'm going to knit him one with a treble clef on one end and an eighth note on the other. Normally these are done in two-row stripes, but I think after each design, I'm going to make the stripes wider an wider, so I don't have to continue switching colors after every two rows. Lazy, I know.

While I was shopping for yarn for his scarf, I found some gorgeous blue. (Ocean Mist by Simply Soft Eco) Now I want a scarf!! I've started twice on a scarf from ScarfStyle, but failed miserably both times... lol It's been a VERY long time since I've knitted anything from a pattern--or even knitted anything. I'm unsure right now what sort of scarf I want to knit. I guess it will be a surprise!! I also need to finish up Cam's llama hat, not that he'll wear it, but at least he'll have it.

Originally, my only plans for this blog was as a place to talk about religion, specifically my path of Christopaganism. But I think that would get boring, and besides that, my (probably non-existent) readers wouldn't know who I am, which seems very important as validating my views. I'm actually getting return readers! I'm sure half the hits I'm seeing are just me checking out my blog, but that still means that some people are coming back. And that's pretty exciting to me. No followers, yet, though. In time!

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