11 October 2009


In the last few days, I've had the worst luck with my car! Nothing serious, but I have spent/will be spending a few hundred dollars more on it this year than I expected.

Thursday night Cam and I were leaving to go to ensemble rehearsal, and as I'm throwing our bag of necessities into the backseat, I become aware of a hissing noise. Behold, a nail in my tire! At the time, I was just glad I found it before my tire went completely flat! But sadly, a $10 job turned into buying two new tires. Seems the alignment is off on my car, and the tires I had just bought in February were almost completely bald on the inside. Once again, I was just happy I found out then and not when one of my tires exploded on the highway. Though, needless to say, I wasn't happy about shelling out the two hundred bucks!

Today, as I'm driving home from church (I go to one 30min away), my check engine light comes on. No problem, I'll just check my oil levels. Both oil and transmission fluid are normal. I ended up taking it to AutoZone to get a diagnostic ran (they do it for free!) where they told me either my thermostat is faulty, or the coolant gauge-thing in my engine is faulty.

So tomorrow I'll be calling mechanics to fix my car on Tuesday, since I have a 3 1/2 hour drive to my parents' Wednesday night.

This always seems to happen. Whenever I'm excited (or not) that I'll have an extra couple hundred dollars left over at the end of the semester, something always goes catastrophically wrong that needs fixing, and just happens to cost the same as the couple hundred dollars I'd have left over. This summer I was planning on having some money left from my job, but my financial aid got screwed up, so that money went to paying rent/buying food. Last year I had to fix my computer.

Okay, spirits of Finance, I would love to know what the H I'm doing wrong, that you're taking all my potential savings! Gimme a break! (Break me off a piece of that kit-kat bar!)

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