20 March 2010


Happy equinox, ya'll! So far Camden and I have done nothing more celebratory than finding the eggs and spring basket that the Ostara Hare hid for us (at three o'clock in the morning thanks to a depressing dream and lack of ability to go back to sleep.)

On the spring equinox, light and dark are equals once again. Although today, I think the dark has won, thanks to snow clouds hiding the sun all day. (Yes, I did say SNOW. What a Spring!) The darkness has certainly taken control of my mood today. Hopefully the light will come back, and bring the warmth with it!

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  1. My bfff and I have coined the term "bipolar Ostara" since it's a balance. Also "schizo holiday" is a good one. I was (and always am) on a roller coaster on Ostara. Literally jumping from laughter to tears to anger in seconds. Woot! what a ride.


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