08 March 2010

Finally, Spring!

I've found Spring! I only had to drive 200 miles south to find it. And look what else I found:

That's right! I've finally found my elusive crocuses! So far, that's the only flower I've found, though.

It's spring break, and I've taken the chance to visit my parents, who seem to be living in the tropics compared to my arctic home in NEMO. Today, Cam and I were able to get out and enjoy the warmth, going to thrift shops and also to Haha Tonka, which is quite possibly my most favourite place in the world. Haha Tonka has just about everything one could ask for: a castle, amazing rock formations, beautiful glades, long rambling trails, and a spring. The spring is where it gets its name: Haha Tonka means "Laughing Waters," which is what the spring sounds like, I suppose.

The castle was built in the early 1900's, and along the path are displays with gorgeous pictures of it in its prime. There's also a water tower, which pumped water up from the spring.
Sadly, fires in both the water tower (two) and in the main castle left it unlivable, and, as you can see, it now lies as an empty shell, a fading shadow of its former glory.

Yesterday I did some spring cleaning, and quite possibly finally said goodbye to my childhood. I was trying to clean out my childhood bedroom, trying to decide what to throw away and what to keep, and I came across a few of my journals. As I read through them, I was horrified. I have come so far from that poor, scared child I was at 12, 13, 15. But sitting there, reading that, brought back all of those dark thoughts I thought I'd left behind. I realised then that I had to get rid of that negativity. So my journals, once so precious, found their new home in the trash. I'm still not sure how I feel about that. Those were once my only friends... But I've grown beyond who and what I was. And I can't really say I want those reminders hanging around, even if only at my parents' house.


  1. once my crocus started sprouting everything seemed to pop up.... I found a bunch of lilies that were climbing out of the mulch yesterday... it is coming...

  2. Oh, yes, everything is sprouting... Just no other flowers, yet.


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