05 March 2010

Seven days without (completed!)

I made it! I've not had one drink of soda since Wednesday 24 February. Nine whole days. And what a journey.

It took almost twenty-four hours for the high levels of caffeine and sugar to wear off, as I said last week, with my severe headache and tiredness. It took a few days before my every second cravings of "Oh, gods, I NEED a Mt. Dew" wore off. And another day or two before I stopped counting down the seconds until I was finally free of my pledge. Yesterday I went into the grocery store to get some apple slices for breakfast, walked right past the soda coolers, and made it out to my car before I realised that I didn't once pine for a Mountain Dew while I was in the store.

Even today, right now, a few hours away from my first soda in nine days... I am surprisingly unexcited. I look forward to it, but if it didn't happen, that'd be okay, too. I think I'm going to try giving up soda on a daily basis. I've already proved I can do without it; however, I don't think there's anything horribly wrong with having a soda from time to time. My goal was never to give up soda completely, but to bring back the pleasure I found in it. At this moment, with my some-what-unexcitement with being able to drink soda again, I'm not sure how well I succeeded in that goal. Have I gone from love/addiction to disinterest? In nine days?


  1. Well if you have (gone from love/addiction to disinterest) you must share you infinite words of wisdom...my arse sure could use some disinterest in chocolate cake.

  2. About a day after you quit I noticed Dew had just released an old version in the plastic bottle. It had the old label and stated that it was made with real sugar. I didn't say anything because I felt that would taunting you:( I tried a bottle of it for you:) X.

  3. good for you! feels good doesn't it? Now if I could do this with coffee...

  4. my son and i gave up soda and then went back to it and couldn't believe how addicted we immediately were. so we gave it up again and aren't going back!


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