17 March 2010


Bogaman tagged me with photo tag.
Rules: Go to your first photo album and pick the tenth picture, post it, and tell the story behind it.

Tag five other bloggers.

*looks around* I think all the people I follow have already been tagged. So the line ends with me. Oh, well. :)

Once upon a time a young monkey named Camden found his mummy's camera. And wanting to be like his mummy, he turned it on and began snapping pictures of everything. Carpet, darkness, the TV, people (what he could catch of them) and feet. Lots of feet. His feet, his mummy's feet, his Bapa's feet, Grammy's feet, Auntie Red's feet. Probably even some dog and/or cat feet. However, most of these pictures came out upside-down, for which he really cannot be blamed, since the camera looks the same upside-up-ways as it does upside-down-ways. Somehow, though, probably a miracle, ALL of the pictures of feet were right side up.


I think my son has a foot fetish. Oh noes!

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  1. Cute story Sydnii. Kids can be pretty creative. Maybe a career in photography for Camden lies ahead. X.


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