27 March 2010


I had to go to my parents' yesterday to get my car fixed. And while I was there, my dad was basically rubbing it in my face that next weekend it would be in the 70's, perfect morel mushroom weather. And then he points out that I'm in prime mushroom-hunting territory. Of course, this is the man who only ever hunts mushrooms alone, just in case the person who goes with him spills the beans about where mushrooms grow. Honestly!

So maybe if it ever warms up here in the arctic north, I will go look about for some mushrooms, though I doubt that I'll have any luck. Which is depressing, because just looking at that picture at the top of the post makes my mouth start watering. Nom nom nom.


  1. I love to go morel hunting.... and what a beautiful picture.... Yes it is suppose to be warming up next week. Usually for us it is the first of April when they come.. or as the indians say... when the leaves are the size of a squirrels ear... I myself go by the faint spider webs in the woods that hang through the trees... Thanks for the reminder... They are a yummy treat indeed

  2. Gi Gi and I just got back from West Plains after visiting her daughter. Their grass is ready to mow down there. Your dad is smart to guard his mushroom spots. South Missouri is always about 2-3 weeks ahead of North Missouri on the mushrooms. The big red colored 'elephant ears' were one of my favorites when I lived in South Missouri. We don't find them up here very often. They were usually very early, about the same time the little grey morels showed up. X.

  3. i would think i had died and gone to heaven if i could find morels!


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