10 March 2010


Despite the fact that a few short weeks ago I was all sorts of excited about getting a garden plot, I'm now having second thoughts. Mostly along the lines of "will I really have time to take care of it?" I know that if the garden was right next to my house, I would have no trouble with it. Well, no more trouble than gardens usually present. But the farm with the garden plots is at least two miles away from my apartment. If I go there every day, that's using up a lot of gas. It's also quite a way to bike with whatever tools/whatnots I might need.

Do I want my own garden? Yes, I would love to have one or two or three. A vegetable garden, a garden for flowers, and an herb garden.

Does a vegetable garden make sense at this point in time? No, not really. But I'm still continuing with my container gardening.

I've been thrifting quite a bit this week, because there are so many good ones around my parents' house! I've found a few flower pots and containers that will be turned into flower pots. I also have some ideas of what I'll be planting. Camden wants to plant a pumpkin plant because his Grammy killed his. (Oops!) I've also got some columbine, lavender, cockscomb, and catnip seeds to plant. One of these days, when the greenhouses open up, I'll be able to find some more flowers and herbs 'n such.

As a side note... I've redecorated the blog. Spent FOREVER downloading the stuff for it, because it came as a ridiculously huge digi-scrapbooking file with all sorts of goodies. Whatchya think?


  1. hi, like the new look.

    As for the allotment, I was thinking the same as you, we currently use the folks garden but have put our name down for the allotment. Have decided that yes its a distance away but if we can get a lock down box then a lot of the tools can be kept there so i'll walk on most of the other days. Could you get a similar type box?


  2. Jen: I'm not sure I could afford a locking box and I'm not sure if I'd be allowed to keep it there, if I could afford one.

  3. Container gardening can be just as much fun as a "full on garden" or more fun depending on the personal preferences of the gardener. Just have fun with it!

  4. I was lucky, got a box on my local freecycle. Though it needs a little work.

    I've awarded you a beautiful blog award, its over on my blog if you would like to collect it?


  5. Have you got room at your apartment for a couple of those hanging tomatoe things? If the plot won't work out maybe you can try something like that. X.


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