03 December 2009


I saw an article the other day (http://www.bib-arch.org/e-features/christmas.asp if you're curious) about why December 25 was chosen for the Christmas celebration. Interestingly enough, it didn't support the idea that the 25th was chosen to aid in the conversion of pagans. It says that Judaism belief that great things are expected to occur on the same day year after year. The great things in Christianity? Obviously, the crucifixion of Christ and salvation of humanity. What led to the resurrection? The birth of Yeshua. These two things supposedly happened on the same day: the 25 of March. Coincidentally, nine months after March 25 is December 25, ergo, the birth of Christ. (Other dates support April 6 as the Passion date, and therefore, January 6 as the birth date. Some cultures still put emphasis on January 6 as an important holiday)

It was quite an interesting read, if I may say so, but it made me start thinking of Winter traditions. I don't have any of my own, aside from going to my parents' to celebrate with presents and Christmas dinner. This year Camden talked me into buying a little tree from a thrift store, and we've decorated it. But that's about the extent of our winter-y decorating, although I would like to do more, if only for his sake.

My parents like to push the Santa issue, even though I don't want to go through that with Cam. I don't remember ever suffering the trauma of finding out Santa isn't real, but I know many people have. Do I want that possibility for Camden? Do I want him to expect expensive presents from a magical being, even though I may not be able to afford those presents for him? A few people I've talked to about it have said I'm denying him the full experience of Christmas... Or something like that. But I say I'm protecting him from the possible let down of finding out there's no Santa (in a literal sense), and I'm also protecting myself from the pressure of buying him what he asked Santa for, even though it's out of my budget, just to keep up the charade. And hopefully, without expecting tons and tons of presents from Santa, it will be easy to avoid much of the commercialism of the Christmas season. And he'll be able to show gratitude to the people who actually bought the presents for him.

Is it odd that I believe in magic, magical beings, and magical beasts, but not Santa?

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