29 December 2009


Last December I turned 21. Now, I don't drink, so I had no illusions of going out and getting falling-down-drunk. So, I bought myself something that will last much longer than fuzzy memories of drinking: a tattoo! Also, it didn't hurt that I made quite a bit of money from selling text books back at the end of that semester!!!

I really wanted to add to it this year, but unfortunately I ran low on funds. :( I want to get a dragon of similar style either perched on top of the pentacle or hanging around on the swirly-gigs. Or maybe get crescent moons on either side of it to form the triple moon symbol... So many options!!

I did quite a bit of searching for just the right tattoo. In the end, I found two pictures of pentacles that I liked, brought it into the tattoo artist and he combined them together into a tattoo that I love.

And, wow, this post went nowhere! Haha! I was looking at pictures of other people's tattoos and decided I wanted to show off mine.


  1. I like the tattoo. I think the cresent moons would add to it's meaning and be a nice touch. X.


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