31 January 2010


This morning Camden and I took our priapic wands to the nearby state park, and shook them at the trees, the ground, and the lake, yelling "Wake up!" Well, he was yelling, and I was humoring his excitement. ^_^ It was a ton of fun, and now he's all sorts of excited about Spring. And I'm all sorts of excited, because I can tell we were heard. After we finished waving our wands around awaking the world, we saw:

A stick! (He was pointing at it very excitedly just before I managed to snap a picture. So mad that I missed it!)


A heathen! Oh, no, that's just Camden. ^_^

And as we were leaving the park, we found:

these fellows, who refused to run away. I guess that was some tasty grass or something!

And later this afternoon, as we were walking about the town because it was quite toasty out, Camden found the sun!

He was so excited by it! I know he was excited, because I distinctly remember him saying "sun" about 10 times in half as many seconds.

So, although our Imbolc activities happened a few days early (since I'm crazy busy except for the weekend) we still had a great (and successful!) time calling upon the Mother Goddess to give us some light, some warmth, and some Springtime!


  1. how precious... I can imagine him running to and fro with his wand yelling at the trees... hope you and yours have a very blessed Imbolc...

  2. I nominated you for an award. Check my blog for info. SXW

  3. Camden looks like he is having a good time. I like that name. X.


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