15 January 2010

What not to Wear

Tonight on What not to Wear, Stacy and Clinton were dressing a witch! I was somewhat looking forward to it, because I figured "Hey a Witch on reality television is generally a good thing at dispelling (hah!) stereotypes." Unfortunately, I'm not so sure this was the case.

First off, the woman could barely say anything but "I'm a Witch!" Second off, she was a "goth" witch. I don't understand how the goth look came to be associated with Witchcraft, but that image needs to go! Our's isn't a religion spanning back to the middle ages; it is both newer and older than that, so all that renaissance garb for ritual needs. To. Go. (Which it did, by the end, of course.) And finally, third off: the woman was attributing magical powers to the new clothes. Sorry, darling, but it's not magic that makes you look good when you step into something a bit nicer and better fitting than flannel pajamas!

Granted, I have clothes that make me feel more "witchy," though mine are generally reminiscent of Bohemia and not the Dark Ages. Honestly, though, I can't help but wonder what made this woman (and the witches in her coven, too!) feel the need to dress like a movie witch? Is it because they're in Salem, and they feel they have to be "authentic." Or... Do they just not get it? It honestly blows my mind. Although, to each his/her own I suppose.

As a side note: Is it Spring yet? I'm ready for warmth, sunshine, gentle breezes, and greenery. I'm also ready to move. (I'll be moving into a bigger apartment that won't involve stairs!) The Sun/Son was born again. I think it's time he makes himself known!

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