07 January 2010

Magical Name

Your fairy is called Feather Yewfly
She is a weird enchantress.
She lives in high places where the clouds meet the earth.
She is only seen at midday under a quiet, cloudless sky.
She wears pale blue like the sky. She has russet-coloured wings like a brightly coloured butterfly.

Generate your very own craft name here!

While I understand the premise behind magical or craft names, that once upon a time there was this thing called the Inquisition so witches had to take on craft names (and probably masks, lumpy cloaks, and a false limp) to keep from being caught, I myself am not a fan. If the Goddess and the God were to come to me right now and say "We name you such and such, then, yes, I would probably use that name. With the God and the Goddess.

I see Divinity in everything, the spiritual as well as the mundane. And as such, I, along with my name, am part of the Divine. My name is magical enough. Also is the idea that with a new name comes a new persona. If I adopt a new name (let's take my 13-year-old self's craft name of SkyeRaven), then don't I stand before the gods as SkyeRaven, someone who is quite possibly very different from me (or my 13-year-old self?) Is that being honest, or is it a way of lying to the gods? "Hey, God and Goddess, I'm not really good enough to stand before you myself, so I'm going to let my alter-ego stand in for me using the craft name I picked out." Meh, maybe I am being overly dense about it, but it seems to me as though a person should be able to stand before his/her gods as him/herself, fully and honestly.

The Lady Pixie Moondrip has written an excellent article on this topic, Lady Pixie Moondrip's Guide to Craft Names, that I think is a very lovely read. Probably much more interesting and succinct than my incessant rambling.


  1. I never have and never will have a "craft name". I write my blog under a pen name, but I don't refer to myself EVER as this name, it's just for anonimity. I have worked with other witches who use craft names and have nothing against it, per se, but I understand the whole "seperate people" aspect and I'm not comfortable speaking to the Goddess as anyone but who I am.

  2. I myself do not go by a name other than my own, yet can understand ones that do. there are many reasons that people choose the things they do. Also sometimes time and growth have lots to do with it. Very much like your story in regards to y our 13 yr. old chosen name.... To each their own I say. Trust in yourself and if you feel led to take on another name and it is given to you then go for it.

  3. ~i as both above...go by my real name...but here write under a different name to remain anonymous for my own personal reasons...as well as for my family...i too believe it is left to each individual to be called by whatever they so choose...we are always who we are as long as it remains true reguardless of name or choosen/given name...kind of like a nickname of some sorts...william can be referred to as bill...yet that hasn't changed who he really is...just how he preferes to be called...i feel only when one changes or tries to create another life or story then change has begun...to name or not...hhhmmm?!? quite thought provoking...brightest blessings~


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