13 August 2010

Rocks in my Head

I am fond of rocks. And stones. And pebbles. And boulders. I get it from my mother, I think, although she prefers big rocks to use in landscaping. However, while I'm still living in apartments, landscaping-sized stones aren't much use to me, so I tend to look for smaller rocks.

Today, I decided to go out to the state park and visit the creek. I've been feeling kinda down lately, and I find running water to be soothing and comforting. So off I went! And after battling 1/2 a mile of bugs, mud, spider webs, and washed out bridges, I made it to the creek, where there's supposed to be a water fall. But I guess it's been kinda dry the last week or so, and there wasn't quite enough water for the fall. Which really ruined all my plans! haha

Instead I went exploring down stream, not really planning on finding anything. But, I did! This creek is a goldmine for spiffy rocks and quartz. I found nine chunks of quartz, one of which is a tiny baby (see picture below; I put the wire on it so I wouldn't lose it as easily), and also a piece of quartz that is naturally tumbled. Unless someone happened to lose their tumbled quartz in the creek bed. (For some reason, the tumbled quartz didn't make it into the pic. I found it afterwards, hanging out about five inches away. Go figure.)

This rock (below) was hiding out right around the fall (where the fall should have been). It caught my eye because it was white and angular and was sitting on a grayish area. I picked it up, gave it a look, and was getting ready to put it down, when I noticed the crystals growing in the middle of it. I really want to break it open to see what the rest of the insides look like, but I probably won't, for fear of ruining the crystals. You can't see the crystals that well in the pic, but they're the greyish area in the middle.

And lastly, a picture of a rock that I did not find today, but last week. Remember in my "Vacation" post, I wrote about finding a rock with a heart in it? Well, here it is! I ended up giving this to David. I'm just glad that he's sweet, and as sentimental as I am.

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  1. My mother is a big rock collecter. I am to some extent. On my trip thru the west last year I picked up rocks from each state, then forgot to label them as to which state they came from. So now all I have is box of rocks. Guess i'll have to make that trip again.
    I like the heart shaped rock. Possible sign for you. X.


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