16 August 2010


On Friday, David and I were bored of just hanging around the apartment, so we decided to walk downtown. We went in a few stores (mostly to escape the oppressive heat) one of which was a consignment shop. I don't usually find anything when I go in there (and I generally find it overpriced) and since I've moved away from the downtown area, I haven't been in. But we went in and looked about. And I found a Green Man! Okay, it's a leaf with a face on it, but I'm claiming it to be a Green Man. (Close enough, right) Anyway, if you've been following my blog, you know I've been searching for a god-figure to go on my altar. And this was it.

However, I didn't have any monies on me. And despite my plans to return the next day, debit card in hand, I was absolutely positive it would be gone. (Because that's how my luck runs, sometimes.) So David marched us to the bank to get some money, marched us back, and bought it for me. Because he was absolutely positive it would b gone if I waited, also.

And that is the story of me finding my god statue.

Normally, he's lying down flat, because Cam and I like to bounce around a lot and I worry that he'll fall and break. But I thought I'd sit him up for the picture. My altar is the top of a little cabinet (which used to be painted with sunflowers, but I painted over) where I keep my craft tools: candles, tarot cards, incense, etc. It's not a working altar, though, since it sits on my kitchen counter and is much too high to reach.


  1. That's beautiful, what a great find.

  2. Oh I love it!! Your Green Man and your altar!

  3. What a great find!! I think he is a perfect representation of the Greenman.




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