09 August 2010

Beginning of the End

What is it about transitional holidays that lead us to thinking about the season they usher in. Imbolc brought wishes of Summer heat and bounty. Dreams of fishing, swimming, and sunburns. Okay, maybe not sunburns. But zucchini, grilled hamburgers, summer storms. Summer road trips, lazy days, beautiful flower gardens.

And now Lammas has graced us with its presence. The first of the harvest festivals. The beginning of the end of Summer. Now new dreams are dancing through our heads. Pumpkin pies, crisp fall mornings, leaves to crunch. Brilliant gold, yellow, and red trees, the start of school and classes, the darkening days. Stews and casseroles, quilts on the bed, thinking of Winter before us.

Is it coincidence that these two holidays fall at the height of the season? Imbolc when Winter is at its coldest and Lammas when Summer is at its hottest? The seasons know their end is near, which seems to make them fight all the harder. And the harder they fight, the more we dream about the coming Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter.

And after all that philosophical stuff, I just have to say... I'm ready for Fall, even if I'm not looking forward to another NEMO Winter.


  1. I love this post. While I don't much wish away Winter (it is my favorite of all the Seasons) I do find myself coming unhinged around Lammas. I wrote a post about it. http://inannasstar.blogspot.com/2010/08/dear-summer.html

    However, my wording wasn't nearly as poetic and beautiful as yours. I'm a tad crass (seriously, I know, can you believe it!).

  2. Oh, I'm really looking forward to Autumn too! It truly is the most magical time of year. I love what you said about the seasons fighting toward their end, by the way. Never really thought about it that way but it's so true.

  3. I am so looking forward to autumn... and the fact that lammas was just recently gave me a glimmer of foresight on its arrival... it does help with the heat and such when you know that fall is not too far away..


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