15 May 2010


Hi, my name is Sydnii, and I'm a yardsale addict.

And I just so happened to come across a HUGE one yesterday. It was actually more of a rummage sale, but that's only if you're being nit-picky. I'm glad I stopped by. I found two flower pots (because I really needed some /sarcasm), a skirt, a cute summer dress, some candle plates, a book for Camden, and an audio book for Camden when he's a bit older (it would be awesome if I could find the print version for him, too.)

And, why, exactly, am I blogging about the yardsale I found? Well, because it was sponsored by a pro-life group. And I am vehemently pro-choice. So from the time I heard about the sale (about Wednesday night thanks to a local Yahoo group I'm a member of) to the time I actually decided to go, I did a lot of flip-flopping on the decision of whether I should go or not. Because, as woman who believes in having control over her body, wouldn't it be hypocritical of me to give my money to a group who, in general, prefers to disallow women to make their own choices?

No. I don't think so. Because I remembered back to four years ago, when I *ahem* made the choice to be a mother. During my pregnancy, I went to a pregnancy support center once a week to take "pregnancy/parenting" classes. I got points for various things, usually "homework," which I got to then spend in their store area, which had baby clothes, blankets, maternity clothes, etc. It was really an invaluable resource for me during that time. And after I had Camden, I often donated his old clothes to the center. The support center was very pro-life. And yet they still helped me, if only because I chose to be a mother.

I like to imagine that the money I spent at this yard sale is going to a center like the one I went to. One that helps girls and women who have no idea what to do with themselves, one that gives shelter to teenagers who have made mistakes that their parents can't or won't accept. And I can only hope to the gods that my money is not going to help fund a group that stoops to murdering doctors who perform abortions.

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