05 May 2010

My Beltane

Well, now that things have settled down a bit and my computer is over its viral infection *grumble* I thought I'd let you all in on Cam's and my Beltane activities. Not that we did much, but it was still a pretty exciting day.

When we finally made it to my parents' house on Saturday, the first thing we did was get in my dad's truck and leave to go fishing! And, surprise, surprise, the fish actually let themselves be caught!

We also saw a small herd of not-so-wild and not-so-tame horses. Under the direct supervision of the stallion, we were able to convince one of the mares to let us pet her. Isn't she pretty?

We also made our toad house! Camden was all sorts of excited about it, and ended up taking my mom (Grammy to him) out to the garden to show her when she got home that night, as well as his cousins when they came to visit. We put it and a frog lamp (that may or may not have been stolen from one of Grammy's flowerbeds ^_^) right next to the 'entrance' of my tiny garden.

Camden was trying to walk along the rocks. The building that it's up against used to be a chicken coop, turned playhouse, turned chicken coop, turned hay storages for horse. But now it just plays the part of abandoned shed/wall for the grapevine.

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