13 May 2010


In my quest to be a music teacher, I have to jump through a few hoops for the university. One of these hoops is doing 55 hours of observation. 10 in elementary, 10 in middle school, 10 in high school, 10 in special education, and 15 where ever I choose to spend them. Considering that I switched to an education major near the end of the last winter semester and I have to have all 55 hours completed before I take my clinical experiences course (next spring), I was a little worried I wouldn't get it done. Most people have from their freshman year onward to get it done. I have less than a year.

But after this week, I only have about 14 hours left, 10 of which will include my high school observation hours. I've spent the last four days observing different middle school music classes (rock history, choir, band, and general music) as well as the special education program at that middle school. It was exhausting! And also fulfilling. I did very little actual teaching (because I wasn't there to do that) although I did point some of the percussionists in the right direction (because they were having issues playing cymbals, triangle, bass drum... pretty much everything) and I got to conduct the 8th grade band while the band director filled in on the tuba part. Despite that (doing very little teaching) I got a chance to see what I could possibly be doing in two year's time. And that is awesome.


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