05 September 2012

my summer and my return

I left the blog behind this summer. For a variety of reasons. Mainly because my life has been crazy busy. I have been living and writing my "story." In June I was teaching summer school (third grade). In July I was taking classes. In the first week of August (or the second week, maybe), Camden, my mom, and I were roadtripping. We visited my brother, who is in Ft. Knox, KY and my sister, who is in Atlanta, GA. We got home with a day to relax before Camden started Kindergarten.

The secondary reason is that this blog started out as my own religious meanderings, and now that I've finally settled down into a religion of sorts, I've been wondering what to do with this. Granted, it hasn't been a religion/spirituality-focused blog in quite a long while: not since I changed to "One Witch's Story." So this summer, in the midst of my hectic life, I've been debating whether or not to shut down my blog. But... something happened a few weeks ago that made me want to keep trying on this blog. Return it not only to telling my story, but to the religious/spiritual meanderings on which it started. What has sent me scurrying back to my blog (aside from the free time I've found in a 14 credit-hour semester)? It was something Camden said.

We were talking about god, specifically, the Christian god and how he isn't exactly a benevolent being. And we talked about Thor (who he, admittedly, views more as a superhero than a god, thank you pop culture), and the Oak and Holly Kings, and a little about the goddess. And why I/we worship them as opposed to the Christian god. I told Camden that I'm a pagan, so I can believe in more than one god, unlike some of his friends who are Christians and only believe in one. I told him that he could choose what he wanted to be, and he said "I want to be Pagan." Which, in turn, makes me want to be a "better" Pagan, so I can help guide him. So, with lots of luck, I will return to my blog on a more regular basis! And write about Pagan-y topics, as well as telling my story.

I found a kitten hiding under our dumpster in June. He's now a member of our family, though sometimes he drives us crazy. Camden named him Rock Leone.

We made a trip to the zoo in St. Louis! 'Twas awesome... and ridiculously hot!

On the way to Georgia!

This is a picture from our time in Georgia, at the Fernbank Natural History Museum.

And, of course... Camden's first day of school. He didn't really want his picture taken, but I took it anyway, because I'm mean like that. ^_^

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  1. That kitten is soo cute!

    I hope you enjoyed your summer!

    (I know, all over the internet peoople are going OMFG KITTENS!, but I couldn't help it... ^^)


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