10 September 2012

Harry Potter

I re-read the Harry Potter series over Christmas break. Eight months ago. I recently acquired the audio books, because I thought they would be good for car trips and the like. Little did I know, I would once again be sucked into the world of Harry Potter. And even more little did I know, so would Camden. We've listened to books 1 and 2, and are on the second to last chapter of book 3, now.

Last week, Camden decided he had to have a wand. Why? I don't have any idea. But he absolutely had to have one. So I made him one using this instructable. A wand from a sheet of paper and hot glue! Who knew?! But he didn't like it. Apparently, wands are supposed to have bends in them. Like a stick of wood. The other day we were outside, and Camden found a stick he wanted to use for a wand. Then... He had to have the rest of the costume. So I looked. And looked. And shopped. And price-matched.

And everything was pretty expensive! I am NOT made of money, however much I might want to be. (Plus, his birthday party was last weekend, and I may or may not have overspent.) So I found a tutorial for wizard robes that said it could be done by cutting an XL t-shirt up the front. Voila! I happened to have a black XL t-shirt. Then we ran to dollar tree and found some reading glasses of close to the right shape. We popped out the lenses and tah-dah.

Harry Potter!

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