02 July 2010

What I've learned this day

Today, I learned a very important lesson. One that I'm surprised isn't brought up, as far as I can tell.

Anyway, if you are planning on doing a knot spell that requires you to untie the knots to release the energy...

Don't be a dummy and tie the knots so tight you can't untie them.

... We shall see if cutting the knots with ceremonial sewing scissors releases the energies just as well. lol


  1. LOL. Sorry about your difficulty, but the way you described it was funny. Too bad there can't be a magical blooplers, bleepers and blunders special on TV. Nice blog.

  2. I would take that as a sign that you're not supposed to untie them. Maybe you should get rid of them another way (flushing, fire, etc.)


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