21 July 2010

Little pick-me-ups

I like to do things for myself that make me smile. Generally these things are a bit more, and a bit less, than buying myself a candy bar.

I don't have a printer at home. So when I need something printed, say a paper or some music I've been working on, I'll email the file to myself and print it at school. (Yes, I have a junk drive. Sometimes, though, I can't find it or I think I'll forget it, as I seem to do quite often, so I email. Much safer!) Anyway, it's really boring getting an email from yourself that contains nothing but a file to download. So I write to myself. lol Nothing too in depth or lengthy, because I know how my day is going/has gone. But always a little note that says something along the lines of:

You're beautiful.

Have a wonderful day!

You're better than you think you are.

Smile, because it makes you about ten times as lovely.

You're well on your way to making your dreams come true.

While I generally know what my email is going to say (sometimes, I do forget!) it's still nice. I tell myself these things because they make me smile, and they make me feel good. I also have a habit of telling these things/similar things to my friends or other people that I know well enough to talk to.

So, dear readers. How do you brighten your day? How do you brighten the day of others?


  1. I like your idea. A little positive thought is good for all of us. X.

  2. Hi there... I won a little award and wanted to pass it on to you because I really love your blog.

    The award is:

    The 3 rules for it are
    1) thank the person that gave it to you
    2) describe in 10 words your blogging philosophy, motivation, experience, etc..
    3) Pass it on to 10 blogs you love

    I know these things can be a little bothersome to do, so if you don't want to display it or pass it on, no hard feelings... just wanted you to know you were in my top 10, and whether you do it or not, you deserve it.



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