03 October 2010


So, I bought Camden a rat for his birthday. We named him Robin (because Cam is Batman).

And, well, when we got home, I decided I wanted to know everything about having a rat for a pet. So I get online, search around. And found out I did it wrong. :( Pet store rats = less than good. (Because they're usually bred for snake food, therefore, the breeder doesn't worry about genetics or socializing the animals). And also that rats need buddies. Since there aren't any good rat breeders (or rescues) near-by, I went back to the pet store. But she had already sold all the rats she had. So we had to wait another two weeks. And into our lives came Remy and Spencer!

We're still working on getting the rat twins acclimated to living with us, but I think that within the next month or so, we'll have a trio of happy rats.

In other news, we're happy that it's October. Because October means Halloween/Samhain time. Yesterday we made a Halloween cake (from a box, I was feeling lazy!) and bought a pumpkin. Today, the pumpkin got turned into a mean jack-o-lantern (per Camden's request) and its seeds are sitting in a bowl of salt water waiting to be roasted. Yum.

Before classes started (or just really early in the semester) I started experimenting with energy manipulation. Well, I was attempting to train myself to be more open to feeling/seeing/sensing energies. Sadly, this semester has been MUCH MUCH busier than I expected (or hoped) and everything but day-to-day living and school work has fallen along the wayside. Including any magical living ideals and this blog. But not to worry! Only eleven weeks left in the semester! :)


  1. Awe cute! Love the colours!

    I had a rat years ago, who spent all her time chillin on my shoulder.
    After she passed away I got a Cockatiel, since I used to have a horrible fear that I was going to drop my rat, and its hard to drop something that can fly *laugh*.

  2. I love rats...they are awesome little critters and make wonderful pets. I used to have one....she passed away from cancer about a year ago. I did a lot of research on them...so if you need any help or have any questions feel free to contact me and I'll be more than happy to give you any advice/suggestions that I may have.


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