09 October 2010

Not-Movie Night!

(Photo not mine)

Our normal after school routine usually consists of coming home, turning on the TV and chillin.

And I'm sick of it! The TV is on CONSTANTLY until Camden goes to bed. He has no chance to work on speaking, because he's only sitting there listening to the TV talk. His toys are pretty much forgotten. I doubt he would have missed them if I threw them out!

Yesterday, though, I put an end to it. I decided to take the more difficult road. (Because it is just SO MUCH EASIER to turn the TV on for him while I'm trying to get a moment alone, or cook, or do homework, or hang out with/talk to David.) We had a not-movie night. And you know what?

We didn't die! Haha! We were close a time or two, but we made it through the night. I even managed to keep myself away from the computer. I think for now, we'll just keep it to one night a week, and slowly add more days until the weekdays are all not-movie nights. (Unless we get one from Netflix that we absolutely CAN'T wait to watch).

Wish us luck!


  1. Good luck. It's not an easy thing to do. I've been cable free for ten months now. I miss some shows I used to watch...but not enough that it's going to kill me. I have a friend record the ones that I am devoted to and I go to her house once a week and catch up on a few episodes. I find myself reading, cleaning, thinking, etc a lot more than I used to.

  2. We've been cable-free for a year and a half or so. But, we make up for the fact since we have Netflix. So, not only is he watching TV all the time, it's the SAME THING over and over again. (Gotta love the movie variety of a 4yr old.)


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