10 October 2012

my son the hero

I missed making a post for Camden's birthday, which was almost a month ago.  He turned six.  We had a minimally ninja themed party (ninja cupcake toppers and a homemade ninja pinata) at my parents' house.  It was fun!  Why am I bringing up his birthday now?  Partially because of something he did yesterday, and partially because of something he did in late August/early September.

I'll start with what he did a while ago.

We were walking into Walmart to do our grocery shopping, and he saw a poster for The Lorax, the movie. He wanted to know what it was... So I told him the gist of the plot... A person is cutting down trees and the lorax is trying to save them... And at some point in this, I mentioned that it is kind of telling about the Amazon rain forest.

Camden looked at me, and he got a little teary-eyed.  "I want to help the rain forest," he told me.  I told him there are places we can donate money, and they will use that money to help protect the rain forest.  He then said "I want to do that for my birthday!"  So this year (one of) my birthday present(s) to him was a $25 donation to the World Land Trust.  I tried to find an inexpensive jaguar or other rain forest animal to attach a card telling him about the donation and what it is going to, but couldn't find an animal and figured that since he isn't reading yet, it wouldn't make quite the same impression.

Last Tuesday was the first day he could check out a book from the school's library, and I'm sure you can imagine what his first choice was... The Lorax!  Astonishingly, we hadn't picked it up at the public library in this time.  Nor had we ever read it.  (He did watch the movie with my mom, though, shortly after our conversation at Walmart.)  So we read it that night.  And the next.  And the next.  Every night.

Monday, he took it back to school so he could check out a new book on Tuesday.  We got home on Tuesday, and I remembered it was library day so I asked him excitedly what book he checked out.  I opened his backpack and pulled out... The Lorax.  My kid is a riot.  :)

Anyway.  He seems to enjoy this book greatly, and it reminds him of the Amazon rain forest, which desperately needs some help.  I'm going to buy him this book for Yule, and use it as a log for donations that he makes or donations made in his name to the rain forest.

It's my hope that he remains an advocate for the rain forest, and for wild lands everywhere.  It is my hope that in the future, he will read The Lorax to his own kids and inspire them to champion their own causes.


  1. That's wonderful! Kids are amazing and it gives me hope for the world's future!

  2. A belated happy birthday to Camden. I see they have released a movie about your favorite book. Are you excited? X.

  3. Haven't heard from you in a while. Hope you and Camden are well. X.

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