15 October 2011

to be a witch

To be a witch is to...

love and be loved

know everything and nothing at all

move among the stars while staying on earth

follow the moon

change the world around you and yourself

live with the earth, not just on it

dance and sing and hold hands with the universe

share and give, while receiving all the while

BE magic, not just perform it

be honourable or nothing at all

accept others

harm none

know what you feel is right and good

see beyond the barriers

honour the gods and yourself

be one with the gods

study and learn

be the teacher and the student

acknowledge the truth

be truly free

Found an image with this listing on it, except the listing was in a super random order (and it likely still is even after my tweaking) and had some grammatical errors... so I fixed it up. Every time it comes up (with a new person) that I'm a witch, they tend to ask me what that entails/what I believe... I'm thinking I should print this stuff out on business cards to hand out to the nosycurious people who should really just mind their own business.


  1. It's not all that bad people being curious and asking questions... even if you told them you hand out deep´-fried toads for Halloween that would still be more harmless than what they would come up with on their own. ^^

  2. Oh, there's nothing wrong with them being curious... Just that I usually lack a concise answer, since I've spent the last 11-12 years figuring out my spirituality, and its still very fluid. Plus, they usually ask what "pagans" believe, which leaves me speaking for a very large group of people with very varied beliefs.


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