01 September 2011

quest for a clean house (again...still?)

My house/apartment/living quarters is generally a huge mess. Not necessarily dirty, though sometimes it is that, too, but toys/projects spread out everywhere and on every surface, beds unmade, clothes here and there (clean or dirty), papers in every corner imaginable, etc. Ever so often, I'll clean a room top to bottom (usually when I'm wanting to move a piece of furniture about) and I'll tell myself that this time it will stay clean. And... It never does.

I think I've figured out what my problem is. Okay, well, I have lots of problems. My first is that I was never required to pick my stuff up when I was a kid. (Glad my mom doesn't read this blog. She'd kill me.) So I never developed that habit. And keeping a whole room is a lot of work. Okay, it's not. But when you don't have that cleaning habit, it becomes a lot of work, because you have to remind yourself about every little thing. (Maybe I'm just a messy, lazy person looking for excuses?)

So instead of tackling the entire house, I've decided to build up to it. While the majority of my house exists as the usual messy state, two areas are clean! And they've been that way for a week. I've been making my bed every morning. Not a big thing, but like I said, I'm building up. I've also been washing dishes before I go to bed. I either do them after dinner, or right before I go to bed. Last night I was focused on homework and ended up not getting to them until 11.30, when I thought "I'll just get them in the morning" but then forced myself to wash them anyway. Took five minutes.

My next step? Keeping the living room floor and tables clear. Starting Monday.

I'm hoping this will help me form these clean habits, and I'm hoping even more that the habits will stick from this apartment to the next.


  1. My problem is the same - no cleaning habits. I just forget to do things, either that or I dont even think about it in the first place!

    I'm tackling it by creating a household organiser - it will eventually have a page for each day, including a checklist of things that have to be done each day. That way I wont forget to do them and I'm more likely to do things if I have a list (weird I know!).

    Good luck with your cleaning and habit creating!

  2. Haha, I know that one. I am always busy and my head is filled with projects and plans and "to do"s... and I just drop the stuff where I get rid of it. And every few weeks I think, "Geez, I really should clean that up!" And then something else catches my attention, and things never get cleaned. I should change that habit before we breed. ^^


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