27 July 2011

my life

My life has been crazy. Well, maybe not crazy, but it's definitely been full. The Walmart here in town is going through remodel, and I was lucky to get hired on the remodel crew. While I'm thankful to have a job, I really can't stand it, and I'm definitely ready for school to start up. So my days for the last month have been spent at Walmart, moving stuff then moving it again, and dealing with the supervisors' BS. I generally like the job, and I generally like the people I'm working with, but several of the supervisors just drive me crazy (and everyone else, too).

So I haven't really been doing too many exciting things to be blogging about. Hell, I work all day then come home where I make dinner as quickly as possible, then spend the rest of the night trying to avoid standing/walking. Doesn't really help that the heat index has been around 110 for the last week (with a slight reprieve for the weekend).

I'm hoping that once school starts up, things will settle down and I'll be able to resume with my usual posting habits.

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